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Hi, I'm Schem. I overanalyse video game characters with no nose. In here are lots of flowers, weapons, fandoms, sceneryjiggers, artsicles both mines and others', and women.

I draw things here that don't always make it to my art blog (see below) but only started tagging them recently.
My Pixiv ID is Schemilix.

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Oh no it's a Grant fanmix.

Prepare your feels. …Also watch for the sudden metal to the face at the end.


once summer endsyou will not be here anymore

"Slumbering Naiad"
This is another piece I did for Imagined Realms. I don’t know why, but I’m really into working with geometric shapes and forms lately. 
Check out Imagined Realms on Kickstarter; supporting it helps me afford to create new art for Book 2! :) 

Portfolio Slug by Fealasy

But really if someone having an anxiety attack says ‘talk to me’ don’t go ‘I don’t know what to say’ and then sit in silence. Say anything. Tell us about your breakfast or describe what’s around you in tedious detail if you must. It really does not matter so long as I can hear your voice, it’s calming.


Smile by Fealasy

Leopard Shark by solaaris

Welcome to the Transistor Chat 1.0

revo fulbright: (inside trash can) YEAH
Tyrant Zomal: Tyrant Zomal kicks the trash can
Amanda: kids be nice to each other
Tyrant Zomal: Tyrant Zomal kicks amanda
Tyrant Zomal: respect ur elders
revo fulbright: (OW)
Amanda: [teacher voice] now, schem, you know kicking people isn't the right way to solve conflict
Tyrant Zomal: Tyrant Zomal integrates Amanda
Tyrant Zomal: rESPECT YOUR ELDERS /screams into Transistor
Amanda: what's my function
Tyrant Zomal: shush()
revo fulbright: I'm Yaoi(), obviously,
Tyrant Zomal: cocks()
Tyrant Zomal: cherry blossoms and penis everywhere
Amanda: the real reason grant borrowed the transistor
Amanda: needed to introduce some spice into his and asher's love life

grant-kendrell said: ahhh I know fire emblem has a distinction but it’s been so long since i’ve interacted with the other two media

Yeah, I just went for generic fantasy. Generals are a bit much for me. Not actually mad keen on the FE:A classes as far as fantasy goes, and it doesn’t have anything like ranger/beastmaster that I know of, aside from the whatever riders and Laguz.


i think grant would be a general tbh npot just a kngith but idk what fantasy themes we’re on here
D&D/Final Fantasy based, neither of which really distinguish between generals and knights,